Your Family Photo Session

A family/kids photo session with Chris Shum Photography is a time you can enjoy and have fun with your family, while leave it to us to capture all those heartily laughs and happy moments of you and your kids. 

What to wear

While there are no hard and fast rules, some clothes generally appears better in pictures, so I’ve put together a rough guide that will help you decide on you and your kids best outfit for the day. 

Solid colors tend to work best since all attention is on you, and not your clothing. If there is more than one person in the picture, try to coordinate the colors so they work well together. There is no need to wear the same color. In fact, don’t wear the same color! Just make sure they don’t clash. One rule of thumb is to choose colors from the opposite sides of the color wheel (complementary colors), or the colors adjacent to each other (harmonious colors). Most people just intuitively know what color combinations work for them, so just trust your instincts, and your eyes.

As for kids’ outfit, my first and only recommendation is: casual wear always works best both for their moods and for the final output. Don’t try to push your kids into wearing more formal clothing, unless they enjoy it!  You won’t get anything good out of them if you force them into that pretty outfit you had prepared. After all, in photographing your child you want to capture their personality and how they are at the moment – and it’s those unique shots you will come to treasure as they grow up. Also please remember that we may sit on the pavement or roll in the grass and do some crazy stuff. So dress accordingly. The most I would suggest is to pick some brighter colors.

Remember, it’s all about YOU, YOU, YOU, i.e. All of YOU in the Photo Shoot! 

Wear something you feel comfortable in, something that makes you feel gorgeous and confident. If you are not normally wearing dresses and high heels – it’s probably not a good idea to wear them on the day of your portrait session.

What to bring

For kids’ portraits, please bring a couple of their favorite toys (or have them at the ready if the photo session is taking place at your home). Not only are those great props for your kids’ portraits, but their favorite toys will also make them feel more at ease. Another suggestion is to explore the photo location for any natural props at the scene, like leaves, seashells, pine cones, rocks etc.. The exploration is a fun activity in itself!

And most important… happy mood for all of you and lots of smiles!

A lot of times parents tend to forget that kids have relatively short attention span, and having the kids to focus and cooperate with every pose during the 1-2 hour session are usually beyond their limitation. I would suggest if there are certain portraits you want to take, do them first when your kids are still in the mood to cooperate, or at least spread them out. For the rest of the time, let the kids loose a bit more and be themselves, and I will do the magic! You will be amazed how many more beautiful smiles and pictures you will see! 


One last note

We would also like to request parents, or anyone who comes with the family, do not take pictures during the session, since this would definitely distract the kids (and everyone else)!


Can't wait to see you all at your photo session!

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